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Country Favorites

Our south Georgia roots make us experts when it comes to delicious country treats. We cover the gamut of southern goodies that are made with pork parts you might not normally pick up at the grocery store: Souse, chitterling loaf and liver pudding are just a few.

Souse (also known as head cheese in some parts) uses the natural gelatin in pork head meat to set the product in a gel. With the tang of vinegar and pickle relish and set in gelatin, souse is sliced and eaten cold. Our souse is available in 7 lb loaves and 20 oz sliced packs. It is time to make a souse sandwich!

Chitterling (Chitlin) loaf will bring a unique aroma to your kitchen. Your expectations will be exceeded with our chitterlins cooked in our special peppery seasoning. Serve the Chitterling Loaf hot over rice. Our chitterling loaf is available in 1.25 lb chubs or 4 lb loaves.

Liver pudding (also known as Liverwurst or Liver Mush) takes the flavor of liver and balances it with our great blend of spices. Eat it cold on crackers! Our liver pudding comes as two 8 oz tubes in a 1 lb package.


Chitterling Chub Retail 20 oz.

Chitterling (Chitlin) Loaf, a true country favorite, in a retail pack.


Chitterling Loaf 6/4#

Chitterling (Chitlin) Loaf, a true country favorite, in a retail pack.


Flavorite Chili 7 lb

All-meat chili ready to be used as-is or add your favorite vegetables.


Liver Pâté Pkg 1lb

Slice it up and put it on a cracker for Liver Pâté goodness!


Sliced Hot Souse 20 oz

Tangy souse, one of our country favorites! Our hot souse is loaded with flavor.


Sliced Mild Souse 20oz

Tangy mild souse in a convenient retail package.


Souse Loaf Hot 7 lb

Tangy hot souse in a 7 lb deli package.


Souse Loaf Mild 7 lb

Tangy mild souse, in a 7 lb package ideal for delis.