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Taste the goodness of the South

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The sausage that gets
fan mail

Sausage fan mail
Well it happened again. Last weekend some friends came over and I went and got your Garlic, Herb and Tomato sausage. A great felling of ambrosia came over us when we eat it. Although the sausage was cooked I browned it more in a skillet. While it was cooking I poked small holes up and down the sausage. I saw the juices flow out. I had made pepper and onions cooked in olive oil to serve with them. Some put it in a roll, I put the onions and pepper on top cut it slices and eat it slowly. The flavor was mild. Even though I browned them and poked holes in them, I thought that they might dry out. Just the opposite happened. They where moist right to the end. Everyone complimented on the appealing taste, flavor and the texture. I a sure that next day my friends went to Harvey's to get some. I am looking forward to the next time the tasty savory sausage meal is served.
Valdosta, GA

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Sunset Farm Foods

Back in 1918, Walter W. Carroll started selling two sides of beef a week to Flashers Meat Market on Ashley St. in Valdosta, Georgia.

In 1932, his son, James D. Carroll, joined him in the business. That same year they purchased the land where the company sits today.